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Republicans, however, have found themselves in a corner where they deny that there is such a thing as institutional racism. It may appease those suffering from “white fragility”, but it is a betrayal of party history. Republicans were the party that ended slavery; in Virginia, it was they who brought down segregationist Byrd Machine. Republicans were once the party that fought against institutional racism – by now denying that such a thing exists, they are in effect denying their own heritage. Yes, Republicans should be in favor of a After critical review of history because through some tumultuous times they were the party of social justice. Why give up this moral authority now?

In any case, these are not the big issues that will shape Virginia over the next four years. We understand that politics is about motivating people and these issues motivate some. However, we would just like candidates to be held to a higher standard – and forced to answer serious policy questions that aren’t so easily reduced to sticker slogans. Or, these days, hashtags. And that’s why, by being obsessed with cultural issues, Youngkin loses one of his potential advantages – the ability to pretend he’s better prepared than Democrat Terry McAuliffe to build a new economy. If that’s true, we don’t know. Maybe Youngkin just knows how to move money, which isn’t the same thing. However, he certainly has the opportunity to argue that he is better prepared than any governor since Warner to deal with the major economic trends facing the state.

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