Activists working to rebuild the food system

Today, activism exists at every step of the food supply chain: how it is produced (unsustainable farming practices; unsafe working conditions and exploitation of undocumented immigrants and prison labor; animal abuse), which the product and how it is sold (racial disparities in loans and investments; the advantage of scale for …

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Who benefits the most from canceling student loans?

A tantalizing possibility has been hung before millions of Americans who have taken on crushing debt to acquire a college education: what if that financial burden is eased? The Democratic Party endorses the idea of ​​the government forgiving at least part of the country’s $ 1.6 trillion in student loans, …

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The threat that many loan applications have become

Over the weekend I read a Newscast about the growing threat from digital overnight lending companies. I’ve come across quite a few articles like this over the past few months, and it was yet another variation on a familiar theme. But as much as my instinct was to move on, …

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