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HSI closes at 26,126, up 109 pts; HSTI closes at 6,754, up 118 points; SUNAC Up more than 8%; BYD COMPANY, ZHONGYU GAS have reached new heights; Market turnover increases AASTOCKS Financial news

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SEC report on GameStop saga ignores bigger questions

The long-awaited report on the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) GameStop’s short-term fiasco has been released and the results are disappointing. The report avoids policy changes, and its strongest sections could hardly be called soft recommendations. In January, organized retail investors noticed the GameStop stock was heavily short and tricked …

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One Heritage Group plc: Annual results for -12-

Payment of lease liabilities - (18,534) - - (18,534) Total changes from financing cash flows 16,745,192 (18,534) - - 16,726,658 Changes arising from obtaining or losing control of - - - - - subsidiaries or other businesses Other changes Liability related New leases - 154,149 - - 154,149 Capitalised borrowing …

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