10 best stocks from the past week: AMC, Virgin Galactic, Gamestop and more

The title closed on Friday and the S&P 500 closed in May. Profit for 4 consecutive months Investor sentiment towards the US economy, where inflation data is recovering, cannot be discouraged.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 64 points (0.19%) to 34,529, the S&P 500 by 0.08% and the Nasdaq by 0.09%.

AMC Entertainment (AMC) – Get the report, GameStop (GME,) – Get the report Others are back. These Reddit stocks are red and are starting to rise with a strong uptrend.

AMC shares rose nearly 25% on Friday, but at noon the price turned and finally fell 4.49% to $ 29.50, but still well above 100% this week. . Stocks posted the biggest daily gain since the stock-selling frenzy even in January, topping $ 10 billion in market capitalization for the first time.

Galactic Virgo (SPCE) – Get the reportDid he have his own catalyst related to the theft -Rocket (RKT) – Get the reportblackberries (BB,) – Get the report Others take advantage of powerful gatherings. (BYND) – Get the report According to Jim Cramer of TheStreet, the stock is the next stock that skyrockets.

However, AMC An Undisputed Leader In Recent Movements, And TheStreet’s Brett Kenwell wrote. GameStop launched its first major short squeeze transaction earlier this year, with a “slight” increase of 45% in the past five days. Impressive, but lower than AMC, which increased 175%.

Those who short sell AMC or GameStop stocks are stuck in their heads, Cramer told Mad Money viewers this week. The WallStreetBets team is so powerful that anyone who dares to bet on those stocks can be shot, Kramer explained.

When it comes to real money, Tim Collins said the madness of AMC, GameStop, and other meme stocks is entertaining, but “but when speculation returns to the market, it’s a good idea to buy. a breakout and a winner. ” Mentionned. Learn more and take advantage of its real money analysis.

Below are some of the best stocks from the past week due to the performance of the percentage changes at the end of the trade on May 28. These include stocks with a share price above $ 10 at the time of posting.

1. AMC Entertainment | + 116.23%

AMC Entertainment Shares (AMC) – Get the report Roses for Day 5 in the new meme stocks excitement and the movie giant is back this normal summer in preparation for the movie’s premiere and direct attendance.

Cramer said AMC is expected to issue $ 2 billion convertible bonds. “Then people who short sell common stocks and hold convertible bonds will face tremendous buying pressure from the folks at AMC-WallStreetBets, and that’s to be expected,” he said. . ..

2. Virgin Galactic | + 48.22%

Galactic Virgo (SPCE) – Get the report Soaring later The company has successfully completed This is the first space flight in over two years, and we are on the cusp of regular space travel.

Founded by billionaire Richard Branson, the company conducted a test flight last Saturday from Spaceport America, New Mexico.

3. Beyond meat | + 36.32%

Beyond meat (BYND) – Get the report Shares rose on Friday as manufacturers of plant-based foods continue to benefit from favorable winds from individual investors in the Memestock universe and the sign of Kramer’s approval.

Beyond the Flesh, Cramer says it fits right into R / wallstreetbets’ investment theory. Led by a talented CEO Ethan Brown and ready to grow based on recent product offerings with McDonald’s, Yum and more! Short sales of brands and stocks increased 25.2% of outstanding floating stocks. He stays.

4. GameStop | + 25.57%

While the game is stopped (GME) – Get the report Triggered the first major short compression chord earlier this year, “Just” has risen 45% over the past 5 days Impressive, but lower than AMC, which has risen 175%.

In the final check, GameStop’s share was down 8.71% to $ 232. If you own GameStop, Cramer said, “You shouldn’t be selling the stock for at least $ 250.”

5. Well Built Co., Ltd. | + 24.86%

Well built (WBT) – Get the report Soaring after Reuters reported that Italian catering equipment maker Ali Group offered $ 3.3 billion in cash to kitchen and restaurant equipment makers.

Well built last month Agreed to acquire By Peer Middleby (Intermediate) – Get the report With $ 2.9 billion in inventory. Sources told Reuters that Ali Group is offering $ 23 per Wellbuilt share.

6. Riot blockchain | + 18.78%

Riot blockchain (Riot) – Get the report Recently recorded results for the quarter, with mining revenues up 881.1% to $ 23.2 million for the three months ending March 31, 2021, compared to $ 2.4 million for the same three months in 2020. Indicates that it has become.

Earlier this month, Kramer said of the Riot blockchain: “If you think Bitcoin is on the rise, you should buy it.”

7. Blackberry | + 18.19%

blackberries (BB) – Get the report Last week, BlackBerry Optics 3.0, the next-generation cloud-based endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution, and BlackBerry Gateway, the company’s first Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) product, powered by AI.

“We are pleased to embody our vision of an enhanced detection and response architecture.” Billy Ho, senior vice president of BlackBerry product engineering, said:

8. fuboTV | + 17.0%

FuboTV Co., Ltd. (Fu) – Get the reportIt was announced on Wednesday that co-founder and CEO David Gandler and CFO Simone Nardi will host and host a one-on-one investor conference at several upcoming investor conferences.

“It was a problematic quarter. I don’t trust this company as much as I trust Roku. (Roku) – Get the report“Said Kramer.

9. Bed Bath & Beyond | + 15.90%

Bed bath and beyond (BB) – Get the report Announced earlier this month, a Comprehensive Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Strategy to set bold and strategic goals that support our commitment to people, communities and the planet.

The company recently appointed Stacy Shabley as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Merchandising in the Hospitality division.

10. Moderna | + 15.59%

Moderna (RNAm) – Get the report The share price rose after biotech said the company’s COVID-19 vaccine was successful in a study of adolescents aged 12 to 17.

The company said the Phase 2/3 trial of the vaccine in adolescents “achieved a major immunogenic goal and successfully linked the immune response to adult vaccination.”

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